Por Chef Eric Gephart

Well Done, Done Well

Raciones: 2 people
Tiempo de cocción: 0 - 30 min


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I like my coffee black, and a marbled steak cooked to medium-rare plus! Few choices are so automatic and evoke such a visceral reaction when they are a shade off. Allow me to arm you with a steak hack to appease the “well done” eater in your life without offending your sensibilities, as well as show you a way to get 2 temperatures out of one steak!


  1. 01

    Stabilize your grill at 500°F. Insert a grill grate at the lowest setting of the Divide and Conquer system, then on the other side insert a cast iron griddle or half-moon soapstone and allow to come to temperature.

  2. 02

    Use a sharp knife and “scruff” the surface of the steak, then season both sides with the Lane’s BBQ Scorpion Rub. Drizzle a touch of oil on each side of the steak and place it on the lower direct grill grate and close the dome.

  3. 03

    Cook for 1 minute, then open the dome and turn the steak. Cook for another minute then flip and “dry baste” with a dusting of seasoning to add a more complex layer of texture and flavor. Cook the other side for 1 minute then turn. Flip the steak and turn until you have even caramelization and have reached an internal temperature of 120°F. Take the steak off and allow to rest for 7 minutes.

  4. 04

    Once rested, cut the steak into ¼ inch slices. The entire steak should be at a perfect medium-rare. Take as much of the steak as you want to cook well done and place the slices on the hot griddle or soapstone to give it a brief sear on each side, then transfer to the presentation plate. This will give the steak the appearance of a well-done steak, but it will eat like a medium-rare to medium. Enjoy!