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Prime Rib 101 Recipe

Raciones: 8 people
Tiempo de cocción: 0 - 30 min
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Prime Rib 101 Recipe


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Chef Eric Recipe | Kamado Joe Prime Rib


  1. 01

    Stabilize your grill at 400 - 450°F using minimal charcoal. Set up one side to be direct and the other indirect. Bank the lit charcoal under the direct side.

  2. 02

    “Scruff” the surface of the meat to create more surface area for seasoning, smoke, and caramelization.

  3. 03

    Season all sides evenly with Lane's BBQ Brisket Rub, then add a second layer of Lane's BBQ Q-Nami Rub.

  4. 04

    If using wood chunks, now is the time to add the smoking wood to the hottest part of the charcoal. Look for clear, translucent smoke.

  5. 05

    Sear the roast evenly on all sides (start with the fat cap side) over the direct side of the grill. “Smoke-Sear” for roughly 4 to 5 minutes on each side, then transfer the roast to the indirect side.

  6. 06

    Roast semi-indirect and drop the temperature of the grill by cutting the oxygen flow to a whisper. Aim for a dome temp of 300°F. Tip: The Kettle Joe will drop quicker than a Classic or Big Joe grill.

  7. 07

    Roast until you reach an internal temp of 90°F - roughly 15 to 20 minutes - then turn the roast so that the side facing the direct heat is now facing the opposite wall of the grill. Roast until you hit an internal temp of 120°F.

  8. 08

    Remove the roast and allow to rest for 15 to 20 minutes. Bank the remaining charcoal to the direct side and drop that grill grate to the lowest portion of the Divide and Conquer system. Leave the lid open and the draft door fully open to allow the grill temp to rise and prepare for a bold sear.

  9. 09

    Once the roast is fully rested, slice it into individual portions (at least an inch thick). Season the newly revealed sides with a bit more brisket seasoning and give it a 45 second bold sear over the direct flame. We are not looking to cook the steak further, just looking for a fully caramelized, bold sear to finish!

  10. 10

    If serving full steaks, transfer directly to the presentation plate. If slicing further, transfer to a cutting board and slice.