par Chef Eric Gephart

Salmon 101

Portions: 2 people
Temps de cuisson: 0 - 30 min
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Salmon Grilling Techniques | Chef Eric Recipe | Kamado Joe


  1. 01

    Stabilize your cooking surface between 450 and 500°F.

  2. 02

    Cut the salmon to a manageable size.

  3. 03

    Season the salmon and add a touch of oil.

  4. 04

    Add some sort of fat or oil to the pan or surface and wait to see the shimmer or smoke.

  5. 05

    Do the drag test to ensure you have created a nonstick surface. Lower the seasoned fish (presentation side down) onto the nonstick surface, being sure to lay the fish away from you.

  6. 06

    Allow to cook without agitation so the golden sear will set and be even. Feel free to put a bit of positive pressure on the fish for a few seconds to endure the center of larger fillets are caramelizing evenly.

  7. 07

    When ready to flip (1 to 1 ½ minutes into the sear), ensure the fillet is not sticking anywhere. If it is, leave it on for another 30 seconds. Use a slotted spatula to shimmy under the fillet, then gently flip and lay away in the pan or on the surface.

  8. 08

    Cook for another minute to 1 ½ minutes, depending on desired doneness and thickness of salmon (I prefer medium rare, roughly 130°F).

  9. 09

    Don’t forget to touch the food as it cooks to build context to doneness for future reference.

  10. 10

    Transfer to presentation plate and enjoy!