Comment trouver le modèle et le numéro de série?

The model number and serial number for your Kamado Joe grill can be found in the owner’s manual that comes included with your grill.

Comment joindre le service d'assistance à la clientèle?

Customer support can be reached by creating a customer support ticket at the Contact Us page.

Warranty support requires a product registration be completed prior to receiving assistance. To register your product, please visit our Product Registration page.

Please note that past email addresses are no longer being monitored.

Comment enregistrer la garantie?

Please visit our Registration Page to register your Kamado Joe product for warranty protection. Please be aware that you will need a copy of your receipt when registering your product, so be sure to hold onto your physical and/or virtual receipt after purchase.

Comment enregistrer mon barbecue sans numéro de série?

Parfois, le numéro de série est estampillé sous le dôme du barbecue. Si vous ne parvenez pas à le trouver ou si vous avez perdu votre manuel d'utilisation, vous pouvez inscrire NA dans la section où le numéro de série de votre barbecue est demandé.

Où l'acheter?

Kamado Joe products can be purchased on our website and from major independent and select retailers are all over the world. Use our handy dealer locator page to find a Kamado Joe dealer near you.

Comment trouver le manuel?

If you have lost the manual for your grill and/or it was not in the box, please go to our Instruction Manuals page and search using your model number. You may also go to the individual product page on this site and click on “Support”.

Shipping Information:

Kamado Joe ships within the United States and Canada (except for Hawaii and Alaska). Inclement weather is an exception that could potentially impact shipping expected delivery dates. Tracking information will be provided for orders. Orders will not be shipped to a post office box. All KamadoJoe.com orders with purchases totaling $100 or more before tax, qualify for Free Standard Shipping within the contiguous U.S. and Canada (excluding Hawaii and Alaska). Shipping costs are assessed for any order totaling under $100 before tax. The shipping charge could vary depending on the items selected, type of destination, destination location, size and weight of the package. Our web store provides shipping previews during the checkout process which allows you to see your shipping charges prior to completing your order.

Konnected Joe

What is the Konnected Joe™ Digital Charcoal Grill and Smoker?

The Konnected Joe is the very first Kamado Joe grill to offer built-in digital controls to provide a digitally connected ceramic grilling experience. Light your charcoal with the push of a button and control and monitor your cooks via the Kontrol Board or the Kamado Joe app. The Konnected Joe also offers the standard Kamado Joe innovation with the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer® Cooking System, Slide-Out Ash Drawer, Air Lift™ Hinge and more.

Comment fonctionne le Konnected Joe?
  1. 1. L'allume-feu automatique (AFA) allume le charbon rapidement en appuyant sur un bouton au moyen d'un élément chauffant à l'intérieur du barbecue.
  2. 2. Le Kontrol Board™ permet à l'utilisateur de définir et surveiller les modes de cuisson, la température du barbecue, les sondes et la représentation graphique des séances de cuisson. Connectez-vous à l'application Kamado Joe par WiFi.
  3. 3. Le ventilateur maintient et régule l'uniformité de la température tout au long de la cuisson en générant un flux d'air à travers l'intérieur du barbecue. Vous pouvez également utiliser le mode de cuisson classique pour obtenir une expérience de Kamado Joe traditionnelle.
Quels accessoires sont livrés dans la boîte?

The Konnected Joe™ will come standard with the 2-Tier Divide & Conquer® Flexible Cooking System, accessory rack, 2 ceramic heat deflectors, 2 stainless steel cooking grates, ash tool, grill gripper, and 1 meat probe.

Accessoires compatibles
Le Konnected Joe est compatible avec la plupart des accessoires de la série Classic Joe™ (le panier à charbon de bois Classic Joe n’est PAS compatible avec le barbecue Konnected Joe).
Le Konnected Joe peut-il s’intégrer à une cuisine en plein air?

Yes, the Konnected Joe can be built into an outdoor kitchen. Simply remove the screws from the cart and use your product as a standalone grill (see user manual for more details).

Quelle est la plage de températures d’un Konnected Joe?

The Konnected Joe can sear at high heats up to 700° F or cook low and slow at 225°F temperatures.

Quelle application est utilisée avec le Konnected Joe?

Use the official Kamado Joe App in order to set your grill temperature, cooking times and discovering
new recipes.

Download on the App Store (iOS)

Get it on Google Play (Android)

Caractéristiques techniques du Konnected Joe

Height: 48 inches

Width: 47 inches

Depth: 31 inches

Weight: 216 pounds

Where can I get more information?

Have more questions? See our Extended Konnected Joe FAQ

Big Joe

Caractéristiques techniques du Big Joe I

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 58.1 in.
Height: 52.6 in.
Depth: 36.8 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 352 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F

4. Cooking Surface: 24 in. diameter

Caractéristiques techniques du Big Joe II

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 58.4 in.
Height: 53.7 in.
Depth: 35.7 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 372 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F

4. Cooking Surface:
24 in. diameter, 452 sq. in.
- With Grill Expander: 604 sq. in.
- With Two Sets of Grates: 904 sq. in.
- With Both Grates & Grills Expander: 1,056 sq. in.

Caractéristiques techniques du Big Joe III

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 58.4 in.
Height: 53.7 in.
Depth: 35.8 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 487 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F, 300°F Max. when using SlōRoller

4. Cooking Surface: 24 in. diameter, with 3 Tier Divide & Conquer® : 864 sq. In.

Différences entre les barbecues Big Joe

See our Grill Comparison Chart for details on differences between grills.

Classic Series

Classic I Specs

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 46.5 in.
Height: 48.5 in.
Depth: 30.12 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 200.2 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F

4. Cooking Surface: 18 in. diameter,  245 sq. in.

Classic II Specs

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 46.5 in.
Height: 48 in.
Depth: 28 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 232 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F

4. Cooking Surface:
18 in. diameter, 256 sq. in.
w/ grill expander: 407 sq. in.
w/ 2 set of grates: 508 sq. in.
w/ both grates and grill expander: 660 sq. in.

Classic III Specs

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 46.5 in.
Height: 50.5 in.
Depth: 30 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 262.5 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F
300°F Max. when using SlōRoller

4. Cooking Surface: 18 in. diameter, W/ 3 Tier Divide & Conquer® : 510 sq. in.

Différences entre les barbecues Classic Joe

See our Grill Comparison Chart for details on differences between grills.

Joe Jr

Caractéristiques techniques du Joe Jr

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 19.75 in.
Height: 27 in.
Depth: 20.75 in.
(w/ stand)

2. Grill Weight: 68 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 750°F

4. Cooking Surface: 13.5 in. diameter, 148 sq. in.

Accessoires compatibles

Pellet Joe

Caractéristiques techniques du Pellet Joe

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 46.65 in.
Height: 48.2 in.
Depth: 30.1 in.
(w/ cart & shelves)

2. Grill Weight: 197 lbs.

3. Heat Range: 225°F to 700°F

4. Cooking Surface: 18 in. diameter

Accessoires compatibles

Kettle Joe

Caractéristiques techniques du Kettle Joe

1. Grill Dimensions:
Width: 48.2 in.
Depth: 29.1 in.
Height: 43.7 in. (with cart)

2. Grill Weight: 121 lbs. (assembled)

3. Heat Range: Up to 700°F

4. Cooking Surface: 22 in. cooking surface for a total of 363 sq. in.

5. Features:
* Cart with wheels
* Side Shelves
* Patented SlōRoller™ Hyperbolic Smoke Chamber
* Hinged lid
* Ceramic firebox
* Patented SlideOut ash drawer
* Built-in thermometer
* Two-Tier Divide and Conquer System

Accessoires compatibles

1. Our Big Joe Heat Deflectors can be used on the lower tier of the cooking rack.

2. All Classic Joe cooking surfaces will fit on top of the firebox.  

3. Kettle Joe Cover (KJ15080320)

* The Joetisserie, DoJoe and iKamand are not compatible with this unit.

Entretien et garantie

1. An ash drawer gives you an easy, quick clean up compared to other kettle grills.

2. We always recommend you protect your grill with a cover, but the coating on the grill will prevent it from rusting. It will only rust if the porcelain coating chips.

3. Features our standard KJ Warranty. Learn more about our warranty.

Quelles sont les différences entre les barbecues Kamado Joe en céramique par rapport aux grils circulaires?

Our Classic and Big Joe grill bodies are entirely made of ceramic, while the Kettle Joe has ceramic inserts, but a traditional kettle body made up of steel. The Kettle Joe features a ceramic firebox for improved heat retention and durability.

Conseils et guides

Comment empiler le charbon de bois

Need help stacking your charcoal? We’ve got you covered with this helpful video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-vFR0haipk.

Garder votre barbecue à la bonne température

Controlling the temperature on your new Kamado Joe grill is one of the most important aspects of ceramic grill cooking, and this helpful video outlines just how to do that: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDpeEr6PuWU

Apprenez à connaître les éléments fondamentaux de votre barbecue Kamado Joe

1. Distance: Learn about the fundamentals of distance on the Kamado Joe with this helpful video.

2. Fire: Fire is the main cooking element for our grill, learn how to handle it with this helpful video.

3. Surfaces: The cooking surface has the ability to alter how you cook, and different foods will call for different surfaces. Learn all about how to use cooking surfaces on your Kamado Joe grill in this video.

4. Smoke:  Smoke is flavor’s best friend. Learn how to harness the power of smoke when cooking on your Kamado Joe grill in this video.

Apprenez à connaître votre barbecue

From learning how to light your grill and cooling it down to cleaning it and putting a cover on it, Kamado Joe has a helpful how-to video for most of your questions. We recommend checking out this video playlist so that you can get more comfortable with your grill, and become the best Kamado Joe griller that you can be.


Our own Chef Eric Gephart shares recipes for cooking with a Kamado Joe in this
video playlist.

Installation du SlōRoller