Smoked Beef Plate Ribs

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Smoked Beef Plate Ribs


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Get ready for some mouthwatering, tender Smoked Beef Plate Ribs on the Joe Jr that are sure to impress. Follow these simple steps to achieve BBQ perfection.

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  1. 01

    Prepare the ribs by trimming any hard fat or silver skin from the ribs.

  2. 02

    Apply 2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce as a binder, then coat the ribs with the beef rub mixture.

  3. 03

    Preheat your grill to 250°F using your favorite smoking wood.

  4. 04

    Place the ribs in the smoker and cook until the internal temperature hits 190°F and the bark has set. This can take 5-8 hours.

  5. 05

    Optionally, spritz the ribs with water every hour to attract more smoke and slow down the cook.

  6. 06

    Wrap the ribs in butcher paper, then cover with heavy-duty aluminum foil to retain more moisture and drippings.

  7. 07

    Place the wrapped ribs back in the smoker or oven and cook until the internal temperature reaches 205-210°F. The ribs should feel like warm butter when a probe is inserted throughout the meat.

  8. 08

    Let the ribs rest at room temperature until the internal temperature drops to 150°F, which can take around an hour.

  9. 09

    If serving later, you can hold the ribs in your oven on warm (150-170°F) until ready to serve.

  10. 10

    Cut the rack into 3 ribs or cube them into beef rib burnt ends for the best bite in BBQ!