By Chef Eric Gephart

Lobster Technique

Serves: 2 people
Cook Time: 0 - 30 min


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This foolproof method for fantastic lobster tails is sure to impress! By increasing the surface area, this technique not only enhances the roasted lobster butter flavor but also decreases the cooking time. Perfect for a special occasion or just a luxurious treat.

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  1. 01

    Using your Shun kitchen shears cut down the center of the top of the tail down to the base but not into the tail fin fan.


  3. 02

    With the shell in your palm and the cut in the shell facing up squeeze the shell to break the abdomen.


  5. 03

    Next, break off a bit of the top of the shell on the left and right just before the fan of the tail. This will allow the meat to lay flat when pulled out.

  6. 04

    Use your fingers to gently work the meat out of the shell but keep it attached at the fan.


  8. 05

    Using your Shun knife score the top of the meat down the middle of both loins—enough to be able to lay the meat over the sides of the shell.


  10. 06

    Now diamond score the entire tail fanning it out further. This increases the surface area for roasting as well as speeds the cooking process a bit.

  11. 07

    Pour your drawn butter over the top and sprinkle with blackening seasoning over the meat.


  13. 08

    Stabilize your grill at 450-525°F.

  14. 09

    Set your grill grates at the highest level.

  15. 10

    Set the prepped tail in a pie tin or small sheet tray and transfer the tray with the lobster tail to the grill grate (be sure to fan the tail out as much as possible; however, you have the tail is how it will set. It is a better presentation if it is fanned out).

  16. 11

    Splash a bit of butter on top of the fabricated lobster tail and season with a pinch of seasoning.

  17. 12

    Cook for 10 to 15 minutes until you reach an internal temperature of 170°F or until it is firm.


  19. 13

    Place the roasted tail on the presentation plate and pour the roasted lobster butter drippings back on top of the meat.

  20. 14

    Serve with a lemon wedge, parsley, and drawn butter for dipping.

  21. 15

    Pro Tip: For a firmer tail, you can rip the cooked tail from the shell and place the tail directly on the grill grates for 1 additional minute.