By Chef Eric Gephart

Sweet Tea Turkey

Serves: 10 people
Cook Time: 1 - 2 hours


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I have cooked a lot of turkeys in my life, but this Sweet Tea Turkey just moved into first place! Please Enjoy!!!


  1. 01

    Make your brine and spatchcock the turkey. Use the method in the video to cut out the backbone or use kitchen shears to cut it out if you are more conferrable. Press down on the breast meat to ensure the bird is flattened. Brine your Turkey in the Sweet Tea Brine for 6 – 12 hours



    • 1 Each Turkey, 14-16 Pound Spatchcocked
    • 1 1/2 cups Kosher Salt
    • 1/2 Gallon Boiling Water
    • 2 Each Large Yellow Onions cut into 3/4" dice
    • 2 Each Carrots peeled and cut into 1/2' Dice
    • 2 Ribs Celery cut into 1/2” Dice
    • 3 Cloves Garlic that are Peeled
    • 1 Gallon Sweet Tea
    • 1/2 Gallon Ice
  3. 02

    Stabilize your grill at 325F and set up for an indirect cook.

  4. 03

    Using a paper towel, dab off any excess moisture from the bird. Lightly oil and season both sides of the bird. Fold the wings behind the drumettes as seen in the video.



    • 1 tablespoon Olive Oil
    • 4 tablespoons Lanes BBQ Spellbound
  6. 04

    Place the Turkey on the indirect grill and roast for an hour and a half. Begin taking internal temperatures and add more cooking time as needed. Look for a breast temperature of 160 and the leg and thigh temp of 175. (Be sure to dry baste with the Spellbound as the cook progresses)

  7. 05

    Once the target temperatures are reached, remove the turkey from the grill, I like to use a pizza peel. Allow to rest for 15 minutes. Carry over cooking will bring the internal temp up another 5 degrees or so, reaching the 165 we are looking for in the breast meat. Slice, transfer to a presentation plate and please enjoy!