Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells

By Jay Howick @boltthrowerbbq

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Delight

Indulge in the mouthwatering blend of fiery buffalo sauce and succulent chicken stuffed into tender pasta shells, grilled to perfection. Ideal for any celebration, these Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells offer a delightful appetizer experience with minimal prep and maximum flavor. Each bite bursts with spicy tanginess, enhanced by the unique smokiness imparted by the Pellet Joe.

"An irresistible blend of fiery buffalo sauce and tender chicken."

Pellet Joe® Grill: Elevating Flavor to New Heights

Elevate your grilling game with the Pellet Joe, designed for exceptional flavor infusion and effortless cooking. Whether you're smoking, grilling, or baking, the Pellet Joe's precise temperature control and robust construction ensure consistent results every time, making it the perfect grill for crafting delicious recipes like Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells.

Choosing the Right Hot Sauce

Finding the ideal hot sauce can elevate the flavor of your Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells, adding just the right amount of heat and tanginess to complement the savory chicken and pasta. With countless options available, ranging from mild to extra hot, selecting the perfect sauce is key to achieving the desired flavor profile for your dish. Consider factors such as the heat level you prefer and the preferences of your guests. Whether you opt for a traditional buffalo sauce, a sweet and spicy glaze, or a tangy barbecue-infused option, experimenting with different hot sauces allows you to tailor the dish to your taste preferences.

By Jay Howick @boltthrowerbbq

Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells

Serves: 5 people
Cook Time: 1 - 2 hours
Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells


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Buffalo Chicken Shotgun Shells cooked on the Pellet Joe grill from Kamado Joe ambassador, Jay Howick. This grilled recipe is great as an appetizer for your next celebration! Light prep work and maximum flavor - the fiery kick of buffalo sauce with the savory goodness of chicken, all encased within tender pasta shells. Each bite promises a burst of spicy, tangy delight, elevated to perfection by the unique smokiness imparted by the Pellet Joe Pellet Grill.


  1. 01

    Combine cream cheese, shredded chicken, shredded cheese, diced jalapeño and hot sauce.


  3. 02

    Place mixture into a zip loc bag, snip the end with scissors and pipe into cannelloni shells.


  5. 03

    Wrap the shells with a slice of bacon and season with bbq rub.


  7. 04

    Place the assembled shotgun shells in the fridge for 5 hours to allow the pasta to soften.


  9. 05

    Set up the Kamado Joe Pellet Joe for smoking at 275F.


  11. 06

    Smoke the Shotgun Shells 275f for 1 hr 15 mins.


  13. 07

    Make a Hot Honey glaze by combining hot sauce, honey, brown sugar, butter and garlic powder and bring to a boil on the stove top then let simmer.


  15. 08

    Set the Pellet Joe to 325f and glaze the shells with the hot honey glaze and let cook for another 15 mins.


  17. 09

    Finish with Ranch and diced green onions.