Coals flame below a half-moon soapstone installed in a Divide & Conquer  rack

Oded Eshel

Transforming Backyard Grilling into a Passion

My Kamado Joe Journey

Hello there, this is Oded Eshel of Embers Only BBQ from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I've been cooking on the Kamado Joe for five years now and it's been an incredible experience. When we bought a house, I started obsessively researching the best grills in the country, settled on the Kamado Joe Classic II and it has been an absolute joy. I learned by surrounding myself with like-minded friends (shout out to the the BBQ Nerds) and picked up a lot from YouTube. My family is from Israel and Argentina, so we have a rich grilling culture and I grew up seeing some very impressive work from my father and uncles. The last few times they've been over my house for a bbq have been the first times they've looked at me with respect in my life.

Favorite Activity:
I love spending time with my family, reading (especially WWII history) and traveling.
Fun Fact:
I am an ordained minister, so I'd be happy to officiate AND cater your wedding ;)
Favorite Recipe:
Chicken Schawarma
Fort Lauderdale, FL


Kamado Joe Product of Choice

Classic Joe Series II

I do a lot of my work on the Kamado Joe Classic Joe II, it's so versatile, but we also love our Jr and Big Joe III.

Featured Recipe

Chicken Shawarma

My favorite recipe is this foie gras chicken shawarma we put together. To this day, the best bite of chicken I've ever had.

Chicken shawarma roasts on a JoeTisserie while a cast iron skillet of sauced carrots cooks on the coals to the side

Kamado Joe Q&A with Oded Eshel

What inspired you to start barbecuing? How long have you been doing it? Tell us how you got started!
All men by the age of 40 must choose between an obsession for smoking meat and WWII history and I chose both.
What advice would you give to someone new to grilling? Do you have any advice for a new content creator in the BBQ space?
If you're just starting out, it's important that you learn the basic principles of cooking over charcoal and wood but after that, you just have to get your hands dirty and learn as you go. You'll mess things up occasionally but that is how you will grow into a confident and accomplished backyard cook.
What is your favorite grilling technique that you've learned and why?
My favorite grilling technique has been rotisserie with the JoeTisserie accessory. There is something magical about meat spinning over a fire and basting in its own juices. We've done rack of lamb, picanha, chicken wings, but by far, I've loved shawarma the most.