Troubleshooting Konnected Joe™ Issues and Error Codes

From time to time, you might find that your Konnected Joe might be slow to heat or the AFS™ System won't turn on. On the rare occasions that an issue like that happens, there are a few things you can try before contacting Kamado Joe customer service.

Below, you will find a full guide to troubleshooting some common errors or other operating issues.

Symptom Cause Possible Solution
Controller not ON Grill not powered ON Check switch on rear of grill.
Controller not powered ON Press power button on Kontrol Board™.
Not plugged in Plug cord into rear of grill and into wall outlet.
Circuit breaker tripped Check wall outlet circuit breaker and reset if tripped.
Fan not ON Pit probe has reached the set temperature Once the set temperature is reached, the fan will turn off. Once the cabinet temperature falls below the set temperature, the fan will restart. The fan will continue adjusting itself automatically to maintain the set temperature.
Dome lid open For safety, the fan should not stoke the fire when the lid is open. Once the lid is shut, the fan will continue under normal operation.
Lid switch not engaged Your lid switch may not be making contact when your dome is closed. If the dome is closed and the fan is not ON when it should be, you may need a new lid switch.
ERROR - Max Temp Fault P See below.
Slow heating Ash buildup from previous use Before starting your unit, remove any leftover ash from the firebox and ash drawer that may be left from a previous cook. Ash buildup can prevent proper charcoal ignition.
Low charcoal Refill firebox with charcoal.
Lid open Close lid.
Fan not ON See Fan not ON section.
Element not ON AFS button not pressed Ensure AFS button was pressed and button is glowing red.
Element damaged Remove element from grill. Inspect for any visual damage.
Element not seated properly

Remove element completely from grill, reconnect element to grill, and be sure to fully press element into connectors.

Diagram showing how to lift the heating element straight up out of the firebox and connector plug holes
ERROR: Probe Fault - P Pit probe faulty Check to ensure pit probe is plugged into rear of the grill.
Check to ensure pit probe connection is fully seated.
Check to ensure no debris is in the pit probe jack.
Unplug the unit from the wall. Wait 10 seconds and reconnect.
ERROR: Probe Fault - M Meat probe faulty Contact Kamado Joe Customer Support
ERROR: Startup Time-Out Charcoal failed to ignite. Unit did not reach 150˚F (65˚C) in under 10 minutes Ensure old ash from previous use is not left in the firebox.
Ensure the AFS button was pressed and element is working.
Ensure proper vent placement for classic or automatic mode.
Ensure charcoal is not empty.
ERROR: Max Temp Fault - P Grill overheated
  1. Turn off grill.
  2. Check for cause of overheat:
    • Grease fire
    • Fan malfunction
  3. Eliminate cause of overheat.
  4. Restart grill.
ERROR: Max Temp Fault - M Meat probe temperature above 300˚F (149˚C)
  1. Using protective gloves, remove meat probe from unit.
  2. Unplug from controller.
  3. Allow meat probe to cool.

This guide should help you quickly fix almost any issue with your Konnected Joe. From probe errors to the fan not working, each problem typically has a quick fix.

Still having issues with your Kamado Joe? Feel free to chat with our customer service team or fill out the Customer Support form so we can help you ASAP!