By Chef Eric Gephart

Costa Rican Breakfast

Serves: 2 people
Cook Time: 0 - 30 min
Costa Rican Breakfast


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  1. 01

    Using minimal charcoal, stabilize your grill between 350°F- 400°F. Setup your grill surface for a direct cook with KJ soapstone on one side.

  2. 02

    Roast your sausages for 20-30 minutes. If you are using a brand-new soapstone, render some sausage on the stone to season/flavor and the grease will prevent the egg and cheese from sticking.

  3. 03

    Add a touch of oil to the stone once grill reaches 350°F-400°F. Place your tortillas directly on top.

  4. 04

    Evenly cover each tortilla with a layer of shredded cheese. Allow the tortilla to heat up. Using your fingers, separate the cheese in the center to form a well. This will be a nest for the egg to sit. Wait around 30 seconds and break the egg in the center of the well.

  5. 05

    Close the lid and allow the cheese to melt a bit more. The egg whites begin to slightly warm with the melting cheese (roughly 45 seconds).

  6. 06

    While lid is down, prepare your avocado fans as seen in the video.

  7. 07

    Slightly oil the stone where you plan to flip the egg and cheese topped tortillas.

  8. 08

    Using a spatula, gently slide under the tortillas and commit to the flip. Try not to break the yolk and keep the egg in the center. Cook for roughly 45 seconds for a runny yolk or slightly longer for a firmer yolk.

  9. 09

    Flip the tortillas back to their original side to reveal the beautifully caramelized cheese and egg side.

  10. 10

    Begin plating the beans and rice. Top each rice pile with the tortillas, sliced sausage, pickled okra, followed by salsa on top of the egg and a fan of avocado. Garnish with pea tendrils and drizzle with Lizano sauce. Pura Vida, Enjoy!