Coals flame below a half-moon soapstone installed in a Divide & Conquer  rack

Tyler Bundy

Central Florida's Grill Master

My Kamado Joe Journey

Tyler Bundy, also known as The Grillin' Daddy, is a social media content creator and influencer from Central Florida. He enjoys cooking and grilling a wide variety of meals, from easy weeknight recipes to the more challenging long cooks on the smoker or charcoal grill. He also likes to help show people that it is possible to make delicious, restaurant-quality meals from home that even the kids will love.

Favorite Activity:
Making music!
Fun Fact:
I write and play music.
Favorite Recipe:
Loganberry BBQ Sauce Wings
So many good recipes, but you can't go wrong with a reverse seared steak on the KJ.
Daytona Beach, FL


Kamado Joe Product of Choice

Classic Joe Series I

Kamado Joe Classic Joe I. Its been my favorite grill since I first put my hands on it. Its a tank and extremely versatile.

Featured Recipe

Loganberry BBQ Sauce Wings

These Loganberry BBQ sauce wings on the JoeTisserie are a delightful twist on classic chicken wings.

A bowl of loganberry wings ready for serving

Kamado Joe Q&A with Tyler Bundy

What inspired you to start barbecuing? How long have you been doing it? Tell us how you got started!
I've been grilling for years. My dad smoked ribs growing up so I have always been drawn to it I guess. Once COVID started I bought my KJ Classic Joe and never looked back.
What advice would you give to someone new to grilling? Do you have any advice for a new content creator in the BBQ space?
Don't be scared to try new things. Just do it. It sounds cliche, but you got this. Anyone can grill!
What is your favorite grilling technique that you've learned and why?
I gotta go with the Reverse sear. It puts out incredible steaks, and its super fun!