Coals flame below a half-moon soapstone installed in a Divide & Conquer  rack


Bringing Family Traditions to the Grill

My Kamado Joe Journey

Hey! I'm Falon! I'm a small town girl who started barbecuing like most people, right next to my dad flipping burgers and dogs on a standard $20 charcoal grill from the supermarket. Barbecue has been in my family for years and I'm excited to bring my family’s traditions and recipes to everyone else!

Favorite Activity:
Fishing & Gardening!
Fun Fact:
Once when I was 9 years old, I was on a family vacation at the beach. I had the fire department called to my hotel, that had to be evacuated, because I had started fire while attempting to boil water. We all start somewhere!
Favorite Recipe:
Smoked Candied Salmon Bites
Winston-Salem, NC


Kamado Joe Product of Choice

Joe Jr

My favorite grill has to be my Kamado Joe Joe Jr! I love how versatile and consistent this grill truly is. She may be small, but she packs a punch! Her name is Gina, the Joe Jr.

A red Joe Jr grill with black top vent and metal bands, stainless steel sliding ashtray access door, and built-in temperature gauge in the dome. The grill sits in a black cast iron stand formed from thick, round segments.  The stand has 2 built-in side handles for carrying the grill.

Featured Recipe

Smoked Candied Salmon Bites

One of my favorite recipes has to be smoked candied salmon bites. I love big, bold flavors. The fresh herb and spices, combined with a sweet Smokey finish, embodies the flavors I love!

Salmon bites topped with chopped green onions and sesame seeds plated around a bowl of dipping sauce

Kamado Joe Q&A with Falon

What inspired you to start barbecuing? How long have you been doing it? Tell us how you got started!
How did I get started barbecuing? I spent my childhood out by the grill with my father, making sure he always had clean tongs, a fresh towel and plates ready at all times! I was the official runner from my dad at the grill, to my mom in the kitchen and back again. Once I bought my first home at 21 years old, I purchased a 2 burner propane grill. That one grill, turned into 6 grills/smokers within a year and from there FalonsFixins was born!
What advice would you give to someone new to grilling? Do you have any advice for a new content creator in the BBQ space?
If you are new to grilling, have fun with it. Be creative, be bold. If cavemen could do it, you can too. Don’t believe everything you see on social media, even the pros have bad cooks. Learn from your mistakes, celebrate your success. Rome wasn’t built in a day. If you are new to being a content creator in the BBQ community, the best advice I can give, is the same advice I have received. Passing along the message, don’t have expectations; they’ll lead to disappointments. Do not expect each video to be the next viral post, build your foundation of strong supporters and followers, the rest will happen naturally, when you least expect it. Show the good cooks and the bad, be genuine and authentic with each post. As far as consistent content, take multiple videos / pictures at multiple different angles of each cook. This is how I keep consistent in posting content daily being that this is a hobby and I’m not able to cook something new every day while balancing a full time job. Hope this helps!
What is your favorite grilling technique that you've learned and why?
I have truly enjoyed simply mastering an open fire cook. No fancy electric start, no automatic augers , no built in thermometers. Just me, the fire & the wind. Manipulating a fire to achieve a successful cook built on pure instinct, is what I enjoy doing the most.

Falon’s Favorite Recipes