Coals flame below a half-moon soapstone installed in a Divide & Conquer  rack

Allan Kiezel

Transforming Backyard Grilling into a Passion

My Kamado Joe Journey

I've always had a love for grilling, but when life took some pretty brutal turns, BBQ became my therapy. It quickly went from a hobby to something I became extremely passionate about. With five kids as my judges, I try to create amazing meals for entire families to enjoy. As an ambassador to some amazing BBQ brands, you can find me cooking and sharing all the amazing things I've learned since his first smoking session. And if you happen to be up at 5:00 a.m., reach out as I'm sure to be prepping something delicious!

Favorite Activity:
Fun Fact:
I have 5 children
Favorite Recipe:
Smoked Beef Plate Ribs
Wading River, NY


Kamado Joe Product of Choice

Classic Joe Series III

Featured Recipe

Smoked Beef Rib Plates

Smoked beef short ribs stand out as a top pick in BBQ. The delightful blend of flavorful, crispy bark and tender, beefy interior is irresistible.

Two cooked ribs placed perpendicular to each other, with one resting on top the other showing the juicy meat and smoke ring

Kamado Joe Q&A with Allan Kiezel

What advice would you give to someone new to grilling? Do you have any advice for a new content creator in the BBQ space?
Your first cooks are going to suck and no grill is going to fix that. Keep learning and practicing on your grill or smoker of choice. A Kamado Joe will give you much more versatility though to continue trying different methods.
What is your favorite grilling technique that you've learned and why?
If we're talking thick-cut steak, it's reverse searing all the way!

Allan Kiezel’s Favorite Recipes