How to Use the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie® Basket

The Kamado Joe Rotissere Kit is just one of the ways to expand the versatility of your Kamado Joe Grill. It easily allows you to transform your grill into a rotisserie style grill so you can roast over 50 pounds of meat over charcoal. It's a great option for large cuts of meat and whole chickens, but not ideal for roasting vegetables, wings, spatchcocked chickens, and other unique foods.

So we solved the problem.

Introducing the Kamado Joe JoeTisserie® Basket Kit.

The JoeTisserie Basket Kit allows you to add a flat basket or a tumbler basket to your JoeTisserie. The included quick connect rod makes installation stress-free. The kit includes multiple quick connect rods so it is compatible with both the Big Joe® and the Classic Joe® JoeTisserie.

What Makes the JoeTisserie Basket Kit Better?

Most rotisserie basket kits have the rotisserie rod integrated into the basket. This means that the rod runs right through the middle of basket causing it to interfere with the food as it cooks. This is especially a pain point for the tumbler baskets as food can get caught on the center rod and cook unevenly.

We made sure to design the JoeTisserie Basket Kit without this center rod. The quick connect rod system allows the rod to attach outside of the basket and not run through the basket. This means that the food in the tumbler basket can circulate freely and the food in the flat basket won't have a rod running through it interfering with the evenness of the cook.

What Can You Cook with the Flat Basket?

The JoeTisserie Flat Basket is ideal for whole fish, spatchcocked chicken and duck, slow roasting large cuts of steak and more. It is a great way to get the classic rotisserie cook and flavor with a quicker cook time than traditional roasting.

What Can You cook with the Tumbler Basket?

The JoeTisserie Tumbler Basket makes cooking vegetables, wings, potatoes and fries easy. It is a great way to ensure even cooking, and you don't have to worry about flipping anything.

A Great Accessory Addition to Your Kamado Joe

The all new JoeTisserie Basket Kit is a great way to expand your cooking options with your Kamado Joe. Thanks to the innovative and thoughtful design, the basket kit makes it easy to expand the functionality of your JoeTisserie and turn your Classic Joe or Big Joe into a fully functional rotisserie-style grill with endless ways to cook.