How to Use the Divide & Conquer® System

One of the features that doesn't get as much attention as it deserves is the innovative Divide & Conquer system that all full-size Kamado Joes come with. The unique grate system allows grillers to raise and lower the grate surface to get closer or further away from the fire so you can customize your cooking experience.

The Kamado Joe Divide & Conquer system gives you multi-level and multi-surface flexibility. Instead of just one full grill grate, we split the primary grate in half. Giving you two halves that can move independently of each other.

The half-rack design and the multi-level rack make it easy to move one half of your grilling surface close to the fire for searing and high heat cooking, while keeping the other half further away making it idea for roasting or cooking more delicate foods like vegetables and/or fish.

There are a few other benefits to the Divide & Conquer System that really make a difference and we outline them below.

Using a 2-tier Divide & Conquer system to sear steaks and roast veggies at the same time

More Cooking Space

Cook more food at the same time with the Divide & Conquer System. You don't have to worry about having to move your full grate up or down to get the cook you want. Just use the multi-rack system to put one grate close to the fire and one further away and you can sear the steaks and roast the potatoes at the same time.


Need Even More Space?

The Classic Joe® I, Classic Joe II, Big Joe® I, and Big Joe II all come standard with the two-level rack. The Classic Joe III and the Big Joe III come with the three-level rack so you can cook on three surfaces at the same time or get even closer or further away from the fire.

If you don't have the Classic Joe III or the Big Joe III, you can purchase the Grill Expander and add it to your Classic Joe or Big Joe I or II to maximize your grilling space.

Different Heat Zones

In addition to halved grill grates, the Kamado Joe comes with a halved heat deflector. This allows you to create even more heat zones in the grill with the multi-rack system. For instance, if you install the half heat deflector on the lower level and the cooking grate on the upper level, you have a slow roasting zone on one side of the grill. Pair that with the other half of the grill grate on the lower level of the multi-rack system, and you have a high heat area for searing.

Use a stainless steel vegetable grate to cook brussels sprouts on low heat and a cast iron grate to cook sweet potato slices at higher temperature

Custom Cooking Surfaces

Kamado Joe Cooking Surfaces are a great way to expand your options for grilling, smoking, searing and more. Paired with the Divide & Conquer System, the surfaces become the ultimate tools for cooking a wide variety of foods.

Swap out one of the stainless-steel grates for the Half-Moon Cast Iron grate to get the perfect sear marks on your steaks or use the Half-Moon Cast Iron Griddle to cook bacon or sear scallops. The Half-Moon Soapstone makes it simple to expertly cook delicate cuts of fish or tender vegetables and the Half-Moon Stainless Steel Fish and Vegetable Grate allows fish and vegetables to get fire-kissed flavor without having to worry about the food falling apart.

Thanks to the Divide & Conquer System, using Surfaces becomes even easier making cooking with a variety of techniques accessible to all Kamado Joe owners.

The Divide & Conquer System is a unique tool that gives you over 9 different cooking configurations that you can set up in you Kamado Joe. From the accessory rack and multi-level cooking to the surfaces and the heat deflector, the Divide & Conquer System makes your Kamado Joe into the ultimate outdoor cooking device.