par Chef Eric Gephart

Gochujang Salmon

Portions: 2 people
Temps de cuisson: 0 - 30 min
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Get ready to elevate your grilling game with a tantalizing fusion of flavors in Chef Eric's Gochujang Salmon and Bourbon Vegetables recipe. You'll want to use the Soapstone, or Karbon Steel Griddle (any surface area accessory you can “grill sauté” on) to perfect this recipe for your kamado grill.

This grilled salmon recipe is a great recipe for a crowd to showcase your grilling expertise since there is some flambe action involved as well. A few key ingredients to have this recipe come up well is using great ingredients. This recipe uses Kvarøy Arctic salmon, fresh vegetables, and a Lan's Barbecue Honey Sriracha that has dehydrated honey dehydrated sriracha and large granules so it doesn't over caramelize when cooking. Of course, the secret ingredient to any superior recipe is the charcoal for how to have that beautiful grill flavor.

Enjoy making this grilled salmon recipe where you're looking for something that's uses simple ingredients mixed in a fun, technique-driven way using natural lump charcoal on your Kamado Joe grill.


  1. 01

    Cut the vegetables listed in the main ingredient section.


  3. 02

    Set aside leafy greens and smaller pieces of peppers.


  5. 03

    Mix all Gochujang Glaze ingredients together until well blended.


  7. 04

    Stabilize your grill at 450°F and install a cast iron griddle, Soapstone, or Karbon Steel Griddle.


  9. 05

    Oil the surface and place your vegetables on the hot surface, reserving the leafy portions and smaller cut peppers.


  11. 06

    Season your salmon with salt and pepper to taste (or your preferred seasoning). Lightly oil the salmon.


  13. 07

    Transfer the seasoned salmon to the grill, placing it presentation side down. Grill for 1 to 2 minutes, then flip and close the dome.


  15. 08

    Add the pepper and leafy portion of the Bok Choy to the cooking vegetables.


  17. 09

    After another minute, transfer the salmon to the top of the cooked vegetable pile and allow it to finish gently, steaming on the vegetables.


  19. 10

    Sauce the vegetables and salmon with the Gochujang Glaze and carefully flambé with a touch of Bourbon.


  21. 11

    Cook for 30 more seconds, then transfer the vegetables to the presentation plate and top with salmon.


  23. 12

    Garnish with a touch more Gochujang glaze and sliced scallion. Enjoy!