Konnected Joe™: Accessory Mode

Smoking, roasting, searing, and baking aren’t the only things you can do with the Konnected Joe. The grill is also fully compatible with the entire line of Kamado Joe Classic Joe accessories.

All of the accessories like the DōJoe and JoeTisserie can be used in both classic cook mode and automatic cook mode making your Konnected Joe more versatile than ever.

If you are using the accessories in classic cook mode, follow the normal start up methods for your Kamado Joe and set up the accessories according to their instructions and manuals; however, if you want to use the accessories in automatic cook mode, there are a few extra steps to complete before you get cooking.

First, turn on the grill at the back of the unit and then turn on the Kontrol Board™. The first screen that will appear is the accessory screen. Select the button on the Kontrol Board the corresponds to the accessory you want to use.

Please note that the accessory screen will only appear the first time you open the lid after turning the controller on. If you miss this screen while setting up, you might have to unplug the grill for a few moments and then plug it back in and restart it to get the screen to show up again.

After you have selected the accessory you want to use, set the temperature and position the top vent as indicated on the Kontrol Board. Since you are in automatic cook mode, the bottom vent must stay closed for the duration of your cook.

After the temperature is set and the top vent is positioned, you are set to light the charcoal with the AFS™ system or a fire starter and get cooking!

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