National Charcoal Day

On the last Friday of May we are celebrating National Charcoal Day. This day is designed for all BBQ lovers to join together to celebrate what we love, charcoal grilling!


When Middleby Outdoor came together as one, we noticed each team had a set number of differences, but the one thing we have in common is our love for charcoal. This love for charcoal grilling has been the backbone of our company. With all the joy we have gained through charcoal grilling, we have decided to open this up to everyone! Let’s have a big BBQ and everyone is invited!

How to Celebrate

  • The best way to celebrate National Charcoal Day is by firing up your favorite charcoal grill and grilling by people who make you happy.
  • Post online using #NationalCharcoalDay and tag @KamadoJoe