How-To Use You Kamado Joe Karbon Steel™ Pans

Welcome to your guide to Karbon Steel cooking! This collection includes a wok, paella pan, two half-moon pans, Classic Joe® griddle, and Big Joe® griddle. Follow along in this guide or in your owner's manual to learn how-to use your pans! If you haven't already, be sure to season your pans before the first use. Learn how-to season your pans.

Karbon Steel DOs and DONTs

It is important to know how to properly use your pans to ensure proper use and lifespan. Here are our DOs and DONTs to ensure your pans are properly cared for.

Karbon Steel DOs

DO season your pan before use and periodically when required.

DO preheat your pan before cooking to help promote the non-stick properties.

DO use extreme caution, your pan will be extremely hot during use. Use protective, heat resistant gloves to touch handles of pans during use.

DO dry your pan immediately after each use.

DO wash with warm water as needed.

DO rub a thin layer of oil or seasoning wax all over the pan before storing it. This will help prevent rust.

Karbon Steel DONTs

DON'T place your pan in the dishwasher.

DON'T place frozen food in you pan.

DON'T soak your pan.

DON'T use an abrasive scrub brush on your pan.

DON'T cook acidic foods such as tomatoes, vinegars, citruses, or wine in your pan. This could alter your seasoning. If this occurs, re-season promptly.

DON'T panic if you see rust on your product. This can happen from time to time. Simply scrub away the rust and re-season your product.

DON'T use your pan with temperatures over 750˚F.

How-To Use your Wok

To use your wok, remove the cooking grates from your grill and insert the accessory X rack. Place the wok into the accessory X rack. Your wok is suitable for use over an open flame, home ovens, and stove tops.

Caution, your grill lid will not fully close with the wok installed. Do not attempt to force lid closed with the wok installed.

How-To Use your Paella Pan

To use your paella pan, insert your cooking grates. Place the paella pan directly onto the grates. Your paella pan is suitable for use over an open flame, home ovens, and stove tops.

How-To Use your Half-Moon Pans

To use your half-moon pans, insert your cooking grates. You can insert cooking grates within the Divide & Conquer® system to create different cooking zones. Place the half-moon pans directly onto the grates. Your half-moon pans are suitable for use over an open flame, home ovens, and stove tops.

How-To Use your Classic Joe or Big Joe Griddle

To use your Classic Joe or Big Joe griddle, remove the cooking grates. Place the griddle within the grill on the Divide & Conquer rack system. The grease drain goes in the front of the grill.

Now that your pan is installed, it is time to get grilling! Explore our collection of recipes to find the perfect dish to use your new pan!