Coals flame below a half-moon soapstone installed in a Divide & Conquer  rack

Ryan Bramich

From KC Roots to Global Flavors

My Kamado Joe Journey

I grew up in KC where I fell in love with BBQ. I now reside in Minneapolis where I bought my first smoker, the Kamado Joe Classic Joe II, in 2017. I have been hooked on grilling ever since. In terms of BBQ, I now gravitate more to Texas style, but frequently get inspired by various cultures and influences around the world. I especially love cooking with Asian and Mexican flavors. Tacos are my jam! I prefer making most things outdoors where you taste the flavor of wood, charcoal and live fire...

Favorite Activity:
Concerts and Ballgames
Fun Fact:
Diehard Kansas City Royals fan
Favorite Recipe:
Smoked Beef Plate Ribs
Shakopee, MN


Kamado Joe Product of Choice

Classic Joe I

Kamado Joe Classic Joe, because it's the perfect size for most meals and has incredible versatility and features!

Featured Recipe

Smoked Beef Plate Ribs

Get ready for some mouthwatering, tender Smoked Beef Plate Ribs on the Joe Jr that are sure to impress. 

Chunks of smoked ribs showing off their bark and smoke rings

Kamado Joe Q&A with Ryan Bramich

What inspired you to start barbecuing? How long have you been doing it? Tell us how you got started!
I got started in 2017 because a friend had a KJ and made some amazing BBQ with it. I was interested in becoming a better cook and always loved BBQ because of my KC roots!
What advice would you give to someone new to grilling? Do you have any advice for a new content creator in the BBQ space?
Someone once told me you can watch videos of LeBron James take 3 point shots all day, but eventually you have to practice making the shots to get better. The same goes for cooking and grilling. It's all trial and error. To create great BBQ content, you have to enjoy the process of making and editing videos and putting together recipes, regardless of your audience size!
What is your favorite grilling technique that you've learned and why?
Divide & Conquer, because 2 zones are better than 1. It's always ideal to have a hot zone for searing and direct heat and a cooler, indirect zone to cook more slowly and gently as needed.

Ryan Bramich’s Favorite Recipes