Pro Joe

The exquisite Pro Joe features two-tier cooking, enhanced heat retention, precision venting, a Counter-Balanced Hinge System and brushed stainless steel design. Pro Joe gives you exceptional performance, innovation and aesthetics in one impressive package!

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The epitome of perfection


  • Ultra-Premium 24.5" Ceramic Grill;
    • Brushed and Polished 304 Stainless Steel Shell
  • Two-Tier 3/8" 304 Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Three-Component Thermal Retention System
  • Precision Air-Sealing Technology
  • Perfectly Counter-Balanced Hinge System

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ProJoe 24.5"


Size comparison of Classic and ProJoe


ProJoe with optional cart offering three accessory drawers and charcoal storage

ProJoe: The Next Revolution in Grilling

ProJoe carries the largest cooking area, highest thermal retention, a more precise temperature control system, reengineered ergonomics and exceptional aesthetic design.

Cooking Area

To expand the functionality of the ProJoe, the cooking area was redesigned in a two-tier configuration that has an upper and lower set of 3/8" thick stainless steel cooking grates. The 24.5" diameter upper grate has a cooking area of 471sq in., and the lower grate measures 23.5" in diameter with a 434sq in cooking area. The lower grate's primary purpose is the ability to cook at a significantly higher temperature for true steakhouse searing.

Higher Thermal Retention

ProJoe's shell design is a three-component system with a thick inner ceramic core averaging 2" in thickness, which is wrapped in a ceramic fiber insulation blanket, then housed in a 304 stainless steel outer shell. The advantage is superior heat retention, which reduces the exterior temperature by more than half that of the interior temperature. For example, a 400°F inner temperature only yields an exterior temperature of 140°F.

Precise Air Control System

The ProJoe top and bottom vents are made of investment cast stainless steel with a mirror finish, and the signature dampening system employs a set of markings for precise temperature control. Both vents have a gasket system that completely seals off the air flow for accelerated cooling and reduced fuel costs.

Signature Ergonomics

The "Perfectly Counterbalanced Hinge System" is the most ergonomically advanced feature of the ProJoe. It was engineered to offset the weight of the lid and also offer static positioning. Only 8lbs of force is required to raise the 175lb lid from 0° to 70° and this new system allows the lid to remain stationary at positions as low as 10° from the base.

Exceptional Aesthetic Design

ProJoe is intended for planned or existing outdoor kitchens. The combination of a brushed stainless steel shell and a polished handle, vents and hinge gives the ProJoe a very distinctive aesthetic appeal, yet it compliments the fixtures and outdoor appliances by other manufacturers. A stainless steel cart is also available.


Perfectly counterbalanced hinge with static positioning as low as 10°


Extra-large thermometer for greater readability


Investment cast 304 stainless-steel top vent with mirror finish


Investment cast 304 stainless-steel draft door with mirror finish


Two-piece design 3/8" 304 stainless-steel upper and lower cooking grates


Fire box divider for higher fuel efficiency or to create separate cooking zones