Wood-fire flavor!

"What's your secret?"

The amazing wood-fire flavor you get when grilling on a Kamado Joe grill comes from the lump charcoal that ceramic grills are designed to use. Lump charcoal, unlike charcoal briquettes, is made from pieces of real wood, so it imparts a wonderful wood-fire flavor to your grilled food, a flavor you just won’t get from a gas grill!

"Just as advertised all the food cooked on the Kamado Joe is moister and has an enjoyable wood fire flavor. We smoke fish, bake breads & pizza, grill and sear steaks. Kamado Joe is enjoyed by every member of our family!” Jeanne Prittinen, Virginia, Minnesota

Burns hotter for moister meats!

Because Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal is made from hardwood, it burns hotter. This allows you to achieve steak- searing temperatures. Used in conjunction with a ceramic grill which insulates well, you’ll use less total heat to cook your food which means moister meats.

Burns longer for better slow cooking!

Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal burns longer thanks to the hardwood used to make it. Also, you’ll get the right mix of fast-starting small pieces and long-burning large pieces that will allow you to cook low and slow for extended periods of time. Other lump charcoals offer too many cheaper small pieces and not enough larger pieces.

Costs less per use.

Kamado Joe 100% Natural Lump Charcoal costs less per use because the hardwood charcoal burns hotter and the larger pieces burn longer. If you close the vents in your grill when done, you’ll also be able to re-use partially burned charcoal pieces.


Kamado Joe lump charcoal

Kamado Joe lump charcoal is made from real trees – select hardwoods that provide robust flavor and high heat output. Size distribution is important; we mix the right selection of fast-starting small pieces and long, burning large pieces.


Other lump charcoal

Many other brands of lump charcoal are made from scrap furniture or pressed wood. This means less wood flavor and smaller pieces that burn out quickly.


Charcoal briquettes

Charcoal briquettes are made from sawdust held together with chemical or vegetable binding agents. They impart an unpleasant flavor and won’t relight.