What are they thinking?!

A big advantage of a ceramic grill is versatility - the ability to grill, smoke and sear. Why, then, we ask, do other grill makers not give you what you need to grill, smoke and sear? Instead, they require that you buy the necessary accessories. What are they thinking?!

At Kamado Joe, we give you everything you need to grill, smoke and sear. We think that only makes sense. Yes, a Kamado Joe comes with all that!


Yes. KamadoJoe comes with all this!


Divide & Conquer

Flexible Cooking System


Folding HDPE shelves

classy with clever folding design


Slide-out ash drawer

makes ash clean-up easier than ever


Sturdy cart with locking caster wheels

lets you easily maneuver your grill

“Owning a Kamado Joe has proven to me that the company wants my ownership experience to be as positive as I do. I’ve been able to consolidate the many grills and smokers that I used to need for various tasks with one Kamado Joe that is versatile enough to handle them all!” Frederick Jennings, Billerica, Massachusetts