Crunchy Crust Pizza

Easy Smoked Pizza with No Hassle!
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Prep Time Unknown
Category Pizza
Grill Used Kamado Joe
Cook Time 15 minutes
Meat Other, Your choice!


Your Choice of Papa Murphry's Pizza - Large Size because it fits the Pizza Stone perfectly.


I feel that this is the easiest and cheapest recipe for Pizza on the Grill. Stop by your local Papa Murphry's (and take a coupon) and either build you own pizza or choose from their menu depending upon your taste for the night.

Build your fire and settle the temp in the KJ Grill to just below 400 deg. At this point, I add my heat deflector and Pizza Stone together on the grill rack and let the Stone heat for about 10 minutes. The temp will usually fall to about 375 by this time with a little vent adjustment. Then I take my prepared pizza out of the package and place it on the Pizza Stone with the paper heat tray.

Depending upon your thickness of crust, at about 12 minutes I take a quick look at the bottom of the crust by lifting the pizza with a spatula. Once the crust has started browning and easily separates from the paper heat tray I remove it from the Pizza Stone. I quickly sprinkle the Stone with some corn meal and slide the pizza directly onto the Stone from the paper heat tray. I allow the pizza to cook 3-5 minutes longer depending on your preference of "Crunchy Crust!" Great smokey pizza with out even messing up the kitchen or going to the grocery store!!

Submitted By: Cook Out Kent, Cullman, AL