2010 Rib Recipe

A recipe for the preparation of mouth-watering baby back or St. Louis cut spares with a mix of sweet and savory ingredients.
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Prep Time Unknown
Category Entree
Grill Used Kamado Joe
Cook Time Unknown
Meat Pork


St Louis (2 slabs) or Loin Back Ribs (3 slabs)-
Yellow Mustard (optional)
Wolfe Rub Original Rub (Mixed in Advance – I have the recipe for this – or use a commercial rib rub – I like The Slabs Birds and Bones Rub, Big Bob Gibson’s BBQ Rub and Bad Byron’s Butt Rub)
Mojo Criollo (Publix Brand or Goya)
Pepper (Fresh Cracked)
Kosher Salt
Dark Beer (Negro Modelo or Dos Equis Amber) – you’ll need extra of this for drinking!
Extra Virgin Olive oil
BBQ Sauce (I sometimes make the sauce, sometimes use a sauce purchased from a local BBQ restaurant and sometimes use Big Bob Gibson’s Championship Red Sauce)
Apple Cider Vinegar
Heavy Duty Aluminum foil / wide roll


1. Remove membrane from the back of the ribs and trim excess fat from the ribs
2. (Optional – the mustard doesn’t add any flavor, but it helps the rub stick to the ribs) Coat the ribs, front and back with a very thin coat of mustard. Take care not to let the mustard "pool" in any crevices of the ribs.
3. Coat the ribs, front and back, with rub, kosher salt and fresh ground black pepper. Use knuckles and upper part of fist to press the rub into the meat. (Alternatively, mix a thin paste of mustard, Worcestershire sauce and your rub and “paint” the ribs, front and back, with the paste.)
4. Build Fire - shooting for 250 - 275 (225 - 250 OK for Loin Backs) Degrees, with Pecan Wood /Cherry Wood / Apple Wood. Three or four chunks of pecan and/or cherry / and or apple. Use either Pecan or Cherry - both give the meat a nice rich color.
5. When fire starts to burn clean (“blue smoke!”), put the ribs on the smoker, meat side up. Note the time.
6. Mix mojo crillo, dark beer (Dos Equis Dark or Negro Modelo) and a dash of oil. About a cup and a half of Mojo, and half a beer, table spoon or so of oil. Mix thoroughly. Drink the rest of the beer.
7. After two hours (one hour for loin backs), brush the top of each slab of the ribs with the brushing mix. Not too heavy, just a coating on the top side of the meat. If the mustard has pooled in any crevices, mop it out before brushing that area with the brushing mix.
7. After three hours (St. Louis Spares) or two hours (Loin Backs), prepare large sheets of heavy duty foil. Two sheets per slab.
8. Place each slab of ribs, meat side down, on two sheets of foil, add some of the brushing mix, wrap tightly and return to the smoker. Make sure the temperature stays in the 250 - 275 range.
9. After about 30 minutes for baby backs (45 minutes for spares) open the foil and check the ribs for doneness. If they’re getting close to done, then remove the ribs from the foil and return them to the grill grate. Brush the top of the ribs lightly with some of the brushing mix and let sit in the smoker, meat side up, for 30 minutes. (If the ribs aren’t getting close to being done when you check them after 30/45 minutes, wrap them back up and let them sit for another 15 to 20 minutes and check again. Repeat until the ribs are almost done, then do as above.
10. Prepare the BBQ sauce for brushing - thin the sauce by adding apple cider vinegar so that the sauce is thinned but not runny. If you like sweet ribs, you can add a tablespoon of honey to the sauce as well.
11. After the ribs have been back in the smoker for 15 - 20 minutes after coming out of the foil, brush the top and bottom of the ribs with the sauce and close the smoker. Let the ribs sit for 10 minutes, open the smoker, brush the top of the ribs with sauce and turn the ribs meat side down. Brush the back side of the ribs with the sauce and let sit 10 minutes.
12. Open the smoker and check for doneness (actually you started checking for doneness when 1st checking the ribs 45 minutes after they went into the foil). If ribs are not yet done, turn them back to meat side up and check again in 10 minutes.
13. When ribs are done, remove from smoker and let sit on counter for 15 - 20 minutes, then using a very sharp knife or an electric carving knife, cut the ribs for serving.

Submitted By: Patrick Smith, Birmingham, AL