Tandoori chicken, KJ style

I do not intend to add another version of a tandoori chicken recipe here as there are hundreds out there. However, a ceramic grill is probably the closest thing to the tandoor oven that is used in India to give this wonderful chicken its unique taste. Hence, you MUST try it on your KJ. It has become a favorite with the kids at home. Very tasty, juicy meat. You will make it again and again!
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Prep Time 20 minutes
Category Entree
Grill Used Kamado Joe
Cook Time 14 minutes
Meat Poultry


Choose a recipe that includes saffron. Ready made garam masala will also save you quite some time measuring a bunch of spices. I use Greek yogurt (I know, not Indian, but the recipe calls for strained regular yogurt as thicker yogurt makes it better. Greek yogurt is strained and thick).


Prepare your rub and the lemon juice. Apply the rub onto the chicken and sprinkle with the juice, letting it marinate for 10-20 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare your yogurt marinade. Drain the chicken and cover it with the yogurt marinade. Let it sit in the refrigerator for 3-6 hours. Heat up your KJ to 450-500 and cook over direct heat. I place the pieces in a circle around the main flame, but I deliberately let them blacken a bit at the end of the cook as this gives the meat a great taste