Greek Fatty

As the genre of Fatties evolves, I put a little twist on the standard and used lamb and feta, presenting, the FRATTY
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Prep Time 15 minutes
Category Entree
Grill Used Kamado Joe
Cook Time 2 hours, 30 minutes
Meat Lamb


2lb Ground lamb
1lb Bacon
1 Container feta cheese
Seasonings or rub
Greek yogurt
Red onion
Lemon juice


The Fatty started with the infamous and artery hardening Bacon Explosion and has morphed into a new category of BBQ madness. The basics of them are a 1lb bacon weave for the wrap, ground something that is easily spread flat in a gallon Ziploc bag then the bag is cut away and the ground meat is placed on the bacon, seasoned and filled with whatever goodies you can fit in there. It is then rolled up and wrapped tight. Easy to refrigerate overnight or a half hour of time will firm it up just fine.
Smoke until internal is 140F and you are good to go.
I just did one for a BBQ competition, as a snacker, and it was insane. I call it The Athenian, because it is a Greek fatty.

Here are the basic components:
1 pack of bacon
2lbs of ground lamb
one container of feta cheese
dry rub
And a homemade tzatziki sauce, I chose to put the garlic sting into this one and tripled the garlic quantity. Don't use bottled garlic, it just won't have the bite the fresh stuff does.

Submitted By: Greg Prado, Hayden, ID