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Kamado Joe Monthly Photo Contest

One Monthly contestant will win a Kamado Joe ClassicJoe with a Heat Deflector. Also two selected runner-ups will receive Kamado Joe gear.

The photo must include a Kamado Joe, ClassicJoe or BigJoe grill fully or partially visible in the photo (e.g. food cooking on the grill, during an outdoor meal, you cooking, tailgating, on vacation, in a vehicle, scenic setting, creative!).

or A meal you cooked on a Kamado Joe ClassicJoe or BigJoe grill.

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10 Tips for Taking Winning Photos

We have received many great entries for the monthly photo contest. A special thank you to everyone who has shared their photos with us! To help future contestants, we would like to offer some suggestions for sending the best photos possible:

  1. Use a good camera. A standard digital camera can take excellent photos. Avoid using the camera on your phone.
  2. The subject matters. Choose an interesting or unique situation, and if food is part of the photo, make sure it is as attractive as possible.
  3. Compose with care. Take your time and look at all the elements in the photo through the view finder on your camera, then compose them in an interesting way. An unusual angle (other than eye level) also can add impact to a photo.
  4. Use a plain background. Avoid complex or distracting backgrounds that take the focus aways from the main subject.
  5. Use flash outdoors. Using a flash helps fill in the shadows and it adds detail and color to the photo.
  6. Move in close. In some instances, it is best to isolate the subject and draw the viewer into the photo with a close-up.
  7. Lock the focus. Make sure the photo is in focus. Most digital cameras have an auto-focus feature and some will allow you to manually focus. Digital SLR cameras allow you to change the depth of field (f-stop), so the closest objects are in focus and the furthest objects are slightly out of focus. This isolates the main subject and enhances the photo.
  8. Watch the light. Take photos early to late morning or late afternoon to evening while the sun is still visible. See how the light effects your subject. Photos taken at noon cause harsh shadows, and too little light causes a loss of contrast and detail.
  9. Color has impact. Choose situations and foods that add brilliant color to the photo.
  10. Take more than one photo. It's difficult to get an excellent photo the first time. Experiment with different angles and arrangements of the subjects, and take up to 20 photos, then pick the best one. A tripod or placing the camera on a stable surface is helpful.

**If larger video please upload to a video sharing site IE. Youtube or Vimeo and share link above in "Share your experience" and attach a screen shot of your video.