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Congratulations to the "Show Off Your Joe" Monthly Photo/Video Contest Winners! Each monthly winner receives a Kamado Joe ClassicJoe and a Heat Deflector! Also, each month honorable mentions will receive free Kamado Joe gear. Check back every month to see the new "Show Off Your Joe" Monthly Winner. Submit Your Photo/Video


"After having cooked on just about every type of grill/smoker imaginable, I FINALLY decided to try one of those crazy "ceramic cookers"... OH MY!! I'll never go back to using anything else!!" Robb Walters


January 2014 Honorable Mentions


December 2013


Living in Canada. Barbecue is always a challenge in winter months. first non propane grill and I love it more each day.The moisture in the food the taste ,the ease of lighting. preheating is no more than a propane grill. will never be without my joe! Danny White


November 2013


Had some ribs in the fridge that needed cooking. One of the reasons I bought my Kamado Joe was to handle the cold Canadian winters. My last smoker struggled to maintain temps and chewed through the charcoal as well. But the Joe has no trouble going 6 hours at 225 in freezing temps......and I end up with lots of charcoal left. Gerald Savrnoch


October 2013 Photos

Dave of Cheshire, Connecticut

We wanted to make a group Halloween scene with our KJs, so we dressed them up as ghosts and jack-o-lanterns. Love the KJ! Limited to using a friends right now, want to get one hopefully for the holidays! Dave of Cheshire, Connecticut

Robert of Cicero, NY
Ben of Kallangur, Queensland
Troy of Birmingham, AL
Debbie of Saint Paul, MN
Cameron of San Marcos, CA
Russell of Biloxi, MS

September 2013 Photos

Wanda of Cario, Georgia

"We just moved to Georgia from Alabama and wanted to kick off the college football season in style with a group cookout so I could try out my new Kamado Joe! I love being able to grill, roast, smoke and bake in my Kamado Joe!! It has become a new staple on our deck and use it about 3-4 times a week!! I was first introduced to Kamado Joe by friends of mine. They love to grill and so do I and the difference between my old gas grill and the flavor I get with my new Kamado Joe is unbelievable. I used to dread using the gas grill and now I can't wait to grill anything on my Kamado Joe! I just might have to upgrade to a Big Joe!! Wanda of Cario, Georgia

Bryan of Saint Paul MN
Gonzalo of Garner, NC
Jeanne of Virginia, MN
Katie of Bratenahl, OH
Kirk of kingwood, TX
Michele of MN

August 2013 Photos

David of Canton, CN

"First time I cooked ribs on the Big Joe was for my wife's 39*th b-day party. We were having about 35 people. We had just gotten the Big Joe, it was supposed to be a house warming for our new house, but out closing got delayed. We had it delivered and set up at our old house. I got the temperature up to 275, put 8 full racks of ribs on, tempered the vents and let it cook for three hours at that temp without ever opening the lid. When I did, I took the ribs out of the foil, took the heat deflectors off, added sauce, raised the temp, then cooked steaks, burgers, chicken and dogs all on the original lump charcoal burn. An amazing cooker! David of Canton, CN

Jeremy of Hillsboro, WI
Sandra of Angleton, TX
Brett of Grovetown, GA
Claude of Lavel, Quebec
Gonzalo of Garner, NC
Paul Stittsville, Ontario

May 2013 Photos

Kirby N

"We use our Kamado Joe about 5 times a week on average. It makes the juiciest burgers, best seared steaks, top notch quality pizza, and competition quality barbecue all with ease. I can't think of a better cooker to suit all of your outdoor cooking needs. Kirby Novacek of Lincoln, Nebraska

Joseph F
Scott W
Jonathan E
Barry B

April 2013 Photos

Matt W

"Anyone that has young children can tell you what a chore it is to get them to eat. Well my kids are no different, or they where no different until we bought our Kamado Joe. Now I often get asked for a sneak peak at tonight's dinner... "Matt W of Stitsville, Ontario

Todd Loomis
Mike Rubidoux
Drew Tate
Scales Advertising

March 2013 Photos

Denis Vincent

"We are in the bush for holiday and we bring the kamadojoe in the Helicoptere and make a fabulous Steak !!!!"Denis Vincent

Michael Honeycutt
Mike Doner
Matt Wilson
Julien Philippe

Febuary 2013 Photos

Luis Lara, CA

"The photos were taken at Asilomar State Beach near Monterey, California. I had family from out of town that wanted to go to the beach. The weather was great, so why not have good eating as well! We loaded up the Kamado BigJoe, refreshments, and burgers. Family, friends and good eating! I love my Kamado Joe because I can cook anything in it. I can smoke ribs, brisket, or chicken. I can bake as well, especially pizzas! I can grill tri-tips, NY steaks etc. The versatility of the Kamado Joe is great. It's actually replaced my oven."Luis Lara, CA

Matt Wilson, ON
Gonzalo Fernandez, NC
Gonzalo Fernandez, NC
Luis Lara, CA
Simon Grudzien, QC
Brian Evans, GA

January 2013 Photos

Sandra Tate, UK

"The Kamado Joe is by far my favourite way to cook. From pizza to rib of beef it produces spectacular results and it imparts its own subtle, inimitable flavour. I have a great range in the house, but the Kamado Joe offers a much greater versatility for a good cook. Through the winter I use it for slow, gentle cooking and smoking, and throughout the summer Joe is the centre of attention."Sandra Tate, UK

Richard Lubinski, Ohio
Simon Grudzien, Quebec
Jorge Gracia, NJ
Jeremy Johnson, FL
Tom Crisler, AR
Jorge Rimblas, MN