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Good "MoJoe" Coming in the New Year
We want to hear from you.
If you've ever emailed or called us you probably received a response from us quickly; sometimes within minutes. That's because we're interested in what you have to say. Since the start of Kamado Joe we believed that our success would hinge on how well we listen to you; our customers. It's the reason you'll likely get a response from us evenings and weekends too.

This year we received a number of requests for recipes and that encouraged us to develop a recipe database for finding and submitting recipes. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only grill company to offer this feature. Also, many of you that are new to Kamado Joe said you wanted an easy way to learn the basics of cooking, which is why we created the "Getting Started"  video series.

I believe that one of our best decisions this year was to dedicate more time to connecting with you on facebook. We've gotten some great feedback from you on the accessories you'd like to see in 2011.

Finally, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to connect with us and share your thoughts, and I look forward to hearing from you in the coming year.

All of us at Kamado Joe wish you a very Merry Christmas.  

Bobby Brennan
Kamado Joe

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Give the Gift of a "Mini Kamado Joe"
A Unique Salt & Pepper Shaker.
No, Kamado Joe does not make salt and peppers shakers, but this one certainly resembles our flagship red grill. It's made by a creative company called, Clay Art. They make distinctive hand-painted ceramic tabletop and novelty entertaining collections.

The salt and pepper shaker is from their "Get Grillin" collection. Clay Art does not display all their collections online, so be sure to download a PDF of their catalog from the home page of their website to see everything they offer. There are a number of companies who sell their products.

Recipe: "Caesar Steak Salad"
A "beefy" salad with a robust flavor.
Caesar salads are as varied as the restaurants that serve them. Making your own Caesar dressing only takes minutes and you'll find that it's fresher than any dressing you'll get when dining out. Another advantage is that you can tailor the recipe to fit your particular taste.

The salad's creation is generally attributed to restaurateur Caesar Cardini in 1924. Years later his daughter Rosa, claimed that her father created it when an unexpected number of patrons on the Fourth of July depleted much of his food supply. To satisfy hungry and waiting patrons he put together the standard items we find today in Caesar dressing; romaine lettuce, olive oil, garlic, wine vinegar, raw egg, lemon juice, fresh Parmesan cheese, Worcestershire sauce, croutons, salt and pepper. Many restaurants no longer use raw egg due to the fear of salmonella, but typically the pH level is acidic enough to kill any bacteria.

Caesar dressing by itself is hearty and adding your favorite steak makes it all the better. I like to add shaved Parmesan cheese over the top for a little more bite. Enjoy!

* Derald Schultz, Kamado Joe

Product Review: Grate Chef
Keeping a tidy grill.
Mike Griffin, the owner of Grate Chef recently gave me some samples from his line of grilling accessories. He game me two products for cleaning the cooking grate and another that cleans and protects stainless steel.

I admit that I'm a griller and smoker that doesn't care if my cooking grate looks shiny and new. I fire up my Kamado Joe, let the grate get hot and vigorously brush it until clean. To me the heat and fire ensures that I'm cooking on a clean and sterile surface.

Of the three products, I tried the Grate Chef "Groover" first. It's a very coarse pad with a food safe liquid cleaner. I followed the instructions and heated my grill to 250°F, then used my grill brush to scrub the grate with the pad. There was a good amount of liquid in the pad and it did a good job of cleaning off the grime. I wasn't able to get to the larger pieces of dried food on the bottom of the grate rungs. Did it make my stainless grate look like new? It did an especially good job of bringing back the shine of the grate around the edges, but no, it didn't look brand new.

Next I tried the Grate Chef "Grill Wipes". It uses partially hydrogenated vegetable oil and other ingredients to clean and oil the grate. It warns on the package not to wipe the grate if flames are present. I used the wipes on the whole grate and I will say it keep my steak from sticking to the grate.

Finally, I tried Grate Chef's Stainless Steel Wipes. I have a Kamado Joe Black Stainless Steel grill in a table, but I didn't think that just cleaning the bands and hinge would be a valid test. I don't own a gas grill, so I opted to test it on my stainless steel kitchen appliances. According to the directions I used a single wipe and applied normal pressure wiping with the brush marks in the stainless steel, then I allowed it to sit for 10 minutes and wiped it off with a dry cloth.

I did see a small about of grime on each pad. One pad covered the whole front of my side by side refrigerator and one pad more than covered the double oven. The liquid in the pad has a pleasant "clean" scent and you don't need gloves to handle the wipes. It did a good job of getting off the fingerprints and small bits of dried food on the surfaces, and it leaves a slight film on the surface as a protection.

The Last Word
If you prefer to clean your grate regularly the Groover and Grill Wipes will remove grime via the coarseness of the pads and the cleaning liquid in them. My opinion is that these cleaning pads are better suited for gas grills where you can control the amount of flame. I was impressed with the Stainless Steel Wipes. They did a very good job or removing surface grime and fingerprints.

Grate Chef products can be found at a number of retailers including Lowe's and Home Depot. See their website for other locations and to learn more about their products.

* Derald Schultz, Kamado Joe

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